Welcome to Our Blog!

Hey friends! Welcome to the Elder Oaks Farm blog. We have recently decided to transition away from social media, but we still wanted to have a place to chronicle all of the goings on around here – enter our new blog! We are hoping to post at least weekly or bi-weekly updates, with more detailed posts in between depending on what kinds of projects, gardening escapades, chicken antics, beekeeping blunders, and more are going on. Stay tuned as we navigate the world of blogging while keeping you updated on our hobby farm! Thanks so much for joining us!

With love, Steph & Doug

14 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Blog!

  1. Congratulations on the new blog! I’m excited to follow along. What made you decide to move away from social media? I often contemplate that move (especially moving away from instagram. haha). Anyway, it will be exciting to hear more about your farm adventures. xoxo

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    1. Thank you!! So glad that you’re here and that we are still able to keep up even without social media. There are so many reasons for my departure from social media – too many to get into here (we can save that for a DM haha). At the top of the list are the sketchy data policies and data mining, as well as the consumption of time and the weird social aspects of it too. I’m much happier without it!

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      1. Well I admire your courage to walk away! I keep thinking about it, but I also think “but what about my business”. I just heard about the book Digital Minimalism and am starting to read it. The author is pretty well known and doesn’t have social media. Gasp!

        Let’s do discuss off here…I’d love to pick your brain!! I’ll send you an email. But I am thrilled that you are still on the internets so I can follow along!! xoxo

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  2. Hello from Garden, Cook, Eat, Repeat (Tracy and Mr. Gordon)! Heard about your new blog through Chicken Librarian’s Kristin (we adore her posts and stories!). Wishing you much success with your new online endeavor and look forward to learning more about you and your homesteading world. 🙂

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