Smoky Mountain Fly

Doug and I have done lots of camping and lots of hiking, but up until last weekend we had never put the two together. We decided that we would embark on our very first backpacking trip over the long Fourth of July weekend. We drove out to Cherokee, NC and packed into the Great SmokyContinue reading “Smoky Mountain Fly”

An Ode to Agnes

When we bought our farm in 2016, we acquired a tiny coop with three chickens in the deal. We had always wanted chickens one day, so we were thrilled to instantly become chicken keepers when we became homeowners. Our three original chickens were a Buff Orpington named Daisy, a Rhode Island Red named Rhonda, andContinue reading “An Ode to Agnes”

The Magic of June

After what seemed like a whole month without rain, the rain finally came… and has kept coming. The ground that was cracked and desiccated for weeks suddenly became full of standing water and the garden and goat pen both flooded. Luckily when the rain stops for a little while, the water dissipates relatively quickly becauseContinue reading “The Magic of June”

The Bees are Back!

After losing both of our hives last fall, we have been without bees on the farm for about five months. The long-awaited package pickup day finally arrived last Friday and we picked up our three new packages of bees from our trusty local bee guy. Because we got the packages home late on Friday, weContinue reading “The Bees are Back!”

Anatomy of a Beehive

We have been staying busy over here throughout the past few weeks. Our garden is completely planted and the greenhouse is almost empty besides a few straggler pepper plants that will find their way into containers in the coming weeks. We also dismantled our old garden trellis and built a whole new one that isContinue reading “Anatomy of a Beehive”

We’re Back!

We’re back! Or I guess I should say we’ve been back, but we hit the ground running between our full time jobs and our long list of farm tasks and I haven’t had a chance to sit down and put my fingertips to the keyboard. So, first things first. While we were gone, the temperaturesContinue reading “We’re Back!”

No Time for Typing

It’s officially the season where the days are getting longer and our to-do list follows suit. It seems that for every task we cross off the list, we add on at least two more. With the increasing daylight hours and our abundance of spring projects, we’ve been left with no time for typing. So, here’sContinue reading “No Time for Typing”


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