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Gambling on Pole Beans

Holy moly we have been productive over the past two weeks! Between the warm weather and the help from my parents, we have knocked out everything on our to-do lists plus some items on our extended to-do lists. It is worth mentioning that we’ve been motivated by the fact that we will be away fromContinue reading “Gambling on Pole Beans”

No Time for Typing

It’s officially the season where the days are getting longer and our to-do list follows suit. It seems that for every task we cross off the list, we add on at least two more. With the increasing daylight hours and our abundance of spring projects, we’ve been left with no time for typing. So, here’sContinue reading “No Time for Typing”

Full Steam Ahead

Even though spring doesn’t officially start for another 12 days, we are rolling full steam ahead with spring activities on the farm.  We aren’t the only ones already in spring mode around here – the chickens are finally starting to pick up their egg laying game! We even had a few days this past weekContinue reading “Full Steam Ahead”

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